About Us

Teen Closet Mission Statement:

“Helping boost the self esteem of teenagers in foster care and others in-need, by providing fashionable clothing and accessories of their choice.”

Teen Closet Motto:

“At Teen Closet it’s their clothes, their style, their life, their choice.”

Who Are We?

We are a group of people who care about foster kids and children in need. The idea for Teen Closet was born from a similar organization in Florida called Taylor’s Closet.

Linda Rogers, Foster Parent Association President and KXLY4’s Robyn Nance saw the television story about Taylor’s Closet, and while meeting over coffee about other foster care topics, started talking about Spokane’s need for its own “closet.” From that conversation over coffee the ball started rolling, and it hasn’t stopped. Some fantastic, energetic and caring people agreed to join our board.

Our clients are: in need, homeless or nearly homeless, or are foster kids.  Many of the foster children are taken away from their homes, their families, the only life they know. Many times this happens with no notice.  They may be allowed only the clothes or PJ’s they are wearing at the time… sometimes not even that.

Teen Closet does not discriminate against any person on the basis of age, race, religion, gender or national origin.

TC is here to help teenage boys and girls by providing them with some great clothes and products. We want to give them something to be happy about and make life a little easier for them.

Teen Closet Co Founders:

  • Robyn Nance
  • Linda Rogers


  • Sean Grubb

Vice President:

  • Yvonne Smith


  • Kim Kelly


  • Aaron Love
  • Nicole Rosenkrantz
  • Stacy Pincock
  • Stephen Pinckney
  • Brandon Kerr
  • Anneke Lewis Strouse


  • Tom Townsend

Did you know?

  • On any given day there are 11,000 children in Washington State who are not able to live with their parents due to child abuse and neglect.
  • When a child goes into foster care they usually have to change schools.
  • Children in the foster care system MAY be given a one-time clothing voucher for $100.